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Access a highly vetted network of U.S.-based experts, ready to help you within 5 minutes. No searching, interviewing, or hiring. Just the help you need. Instantly!

Hiring a freelancer is like gambling. It's easy to lose. Repeatedly. Hopps is different. We vet experts for you, and only hire 2% of applicants.

Whenever you need help at work, we'll have a vetted expert on your screen to provide live 1:1 assistance within 5 minutes.

No searching, no interviewing, no hiring. Just instant help!

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Who loves searching for freelancers? 
(No one.)

It’s impossible to master every single platform you use on a daily basis. And you can't spend all your time looking for specialist freelancers to help you on each one. 

With Hopps, you have access to an army of vetted marketing experts available immediately whenever you need them. No contracts. No invoices. No retainers. Just pay for the time you use.

You don’t need a freelancer. You need help. Now.

Get instant help with critical marketing and business tools whenever you’re stuck or feel like you’re missing something.

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Whenever you or your colleagues are ready for help with setup, troubleshooting, optimization, or strategy, just log into Hopps and follow three easy steps.

2. We find a perfectly matched, highly vetted expert for you.

In just three minutes, we’ll find a true expert in the field to help you.

Start a screen-share with audio, video, and chat to solve your problem.

3. The expert instantly joins you online to solve your problem.

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With no minimums or overhead, we are cheaper than any agency or competitor.

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It’s so nice to get a second opinion on campaigns, especially because things are always changing.


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